The documents on this website are very important in terms of leasing from McKown Properties. Please download and print these documents, making sure you understand the terms. We accept checks, money orders, and payment through your financial institution.

Deposit Amounts

Security Deposit equals your monthly rental amount plus $50.00.

(Please note: This is a security deposit only and does not include your first month’s lease installment.) Our student housing lease agreements, tenant information/agreement, and parental agreement can be found below. We require a parent co-signer guarantee for everyone! Your parent must return the completed, notarized guarantee form within 7 days of receiving it in the mail.

Student Housing Lease Agreements with McKown Properties

As mentioned above, we require a parent co-signer guarantee for everyone. It is also understood that while we provide student housing near the University of Akron campus, we are not an affiliate of the University. If you have additional questions about the lease agreements, please contact us at 330.745.8545. There are no exceptions to the parental co-signer guarantee. Your parent may contact us as well. Please also note that all three forms listed above must be completed and returned to us – no exceptions.